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Jonathan Simpson will aggressively protect your rights through any available legal means. He has defended clients in excess of 75 jury trials ranging from simple assault by contact to murder. He has the experience and knowledge you need on your side.


You need the knowledgeable representation of someone who understands and knows the complexities of the criminal court system.  


You don't have to feel that you are in a hopeless situation as your face criminal charges. Get someone in your corner that you can trust.


• Felonies and misdemeanors

• Assault-bodily injury

• Assault / family violence

• Aggravated assault

• Sexual assault

• Burglary

• Criminal trespass

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• Criminal mischief

• Theft and robbery

• Drug offenses

• Juvenile cases

• Expunctions

• Weapons charges

• Non-disclosures

• Probation violations